Season 4 Chapter 700: Under Attack
This is a locked chapterSeason 4 Chapter 700: Under Attack
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The ninth palace master tells the disciples of the sacred place that something is happening. He tells them to retreat first with their disciples. He also tells them that they need to be a world lord to hold off the beasts. He says that luozheng usually resolves these kinds of crises. He warns them to watch out for their innate energy protection. The palace rumbles. Everyone runs to get out of the palace. Everyone is injured on the ground. They need to go to the main world tunnel. The major world tunnel is also being attacked by the neighboring worlds. They could go to a lower world. The lower world is the safest place to go, but if they go back, the lower worlds will reject them. Everyone rushes to find a suitable place for them to go. Before entering the battlefield, he checked on Yudie. He thinks that she has already ascended to the cloud hall. He asks her where she is and if she is safe in the upper world.
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