Season 4 Chapter 528: A Little Self-Sacrifice
This is a locked chapterSeason 4 Chapter 528: A Little Self-Sacrifice
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In this chapter, we learn that Luozheng has learned the art of star-armoring, a skill left by the god of heaven. He also learned it from his ancestor, the immortal Anxin, who channeled the powers of the stars into a sword and killed the immortal alpha devil in ten thousand worlds. In other words, he's learned a super-rare skill of god. He's going to play a big role in the future of the galaxy. The elder Anxin is glad that his younger brother won the battle. He feels like his life is turning around. He wishes he could reunite with his old friend like that one day. We learn that Anxin has summoned his tenth divine retribution, which means that he is also facing his own divine retribution.
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