Season 4 Chapter 622: Unexpected Conflict
This is a locked chapterSeason 4 Chapter 622: Unexpected Conflict
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It looks like they can step on the giant, but the giant is going to swat them away. Everyone should jump onto his head. Otherwise, he says, they'll be eaten alive by the giant. He tells everyone to follow his lead and jump on his head as well. They're only 6 of them left, and the giant can still sweep them off. He suggests that they extend their wooden stick as far as they can so that the giant catches the cat's attention. He says it's just like a carriage driver who tries to get the carriage to move faster by dangling a carrot. The mule wants the carrot, but can't catch it with its mouth. So the carriage keeps moving forward. He doesn't think this plan will work, but he's feeling bad for the cat. He wonders if they can make it through the fourth hall after crossing the lava lake. The other giant has noticed the flaming kitten. The question is how they drew the attention of the other giant. They need to pull the kitten back
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