Season 6 Chapter 953: Nothing Risked Nothing Gained
This is a locked chapterSeason 6 Chapter 953: Nothing Risked Nothing Gained
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If I fight with Luozheng on the Stone Tablet, you should Immediately attack as well. Ideally, he wants to surpass the brothers with the energy, extracting needles and obtaining the legacy. But if he can't, he'll give his everything to fight the brothers. He's not sure what they're doing, but he's sure that if they succeed, they'll attack him. He doesn't want to die, and he hopes that he can obtain the family's legacy. He didn't think that they'd be able to extract so much energy from the needles, but the brothers seem to be using it to their advantage. They're pushing Luo yan to the brink of being killed, and it's looking like the family will get the inheritance from the other side of the wall. If they don't kill him now, he says, he can use his true meaning of nature to go even higher.
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