Season 5 Chapter 762: Break Through to World Lord
This is a locked chapterSeason 5 Chapter 762: Break Through to World Lord
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The narrator explains that he is in the middle of a valley of caves, where he is unable to collect the "ultimate innate energy" that would allow him to reach the "divine morph realm" . He says that the ice worms in the valley look like "transparent blocks of ice" and that he does not know if he can reach "world lord" within the seven-month period left. He compares the world clouds that Luozheng has created to those of a "lesser being" , and says that he himself is the first to have reached this level of existence. He also says that luozheng's "world clouds" have spread out over a "staggering 20 miles area" and are "extremely rare" because they have been "received by a certain saint" to help them reach this level. He adds that he has not seen any world clouds with this radius since he last saw one six months ago. He wonders if he will be able to reach "godhood" within seven months.
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