Season 4 Chapter 691: Sitting Corpse
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The narrator explains that he had thought that the trial of the blade master would be a way for him to make up for all the flaws in his god strike. But now he realizes that it is not so easy. He has been studying the place for many years, and he is unable to move because of the poison that has been injected into his body. The door to the killing-sword mountain is easy, but the door to this place is a problem for him. He wonders what is behind the door and the corpse. The narrator is one of the first people to follow the chenhuangyijian. One day, he promised to fight for heaven's crown and make the village stronger. No one believed him, but later on he won the crown and no force dared oppose him. But one day he told them that he was going to turn everything into the sword village's legacy and bury it under the sword mountain. Everyone in the village wanted to know what this legacy was, and who was qualified to receive it. But soon after, he disappeared. Since the moment he disappeared, the narrator has been trying to open the legacy. He notices that the water in the water is corrosion. He asks the sword spirit not to touch the water with her hands, but she tells him not to. He tries to pull the water out with his sword, but he cannot. He says that he is not yet a good match for bifeiyu.
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