Season 3 Chapter 404: Bartering
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It's hard to estimate the value of the life ores, but the prince says that they're more important to him than the other minerals. The other minerals aren't useful to him, and he's just giving them away. The prince explains that the gods couldn't make weapons out of the living things they had, so they had to use half-divine weapons. Finally, a smith named Zhong tianhui dug up a rock that was the same as the one the prince has. It had some unique attributes, and many people were interested in using it. The smith named it "tianhuis eye." The prince says he'll give it to Yuner, but he won't be able to use it for a long time because it's too hard to get to the top of the 30th floor. Plus, there's a lot of hard stuff in the area, so he might have to retreat if he needs to. He says he can find life orbs on the current level, and that's enough to get him through. He doesn't want to get too scared. He's got six life orbs, which means he can trade them with anyone who has them. He also has 12 innate energy stones, which he can use to trade for life orbs. He wants to trade them for the life orbs since they are so valuable. He offers to take a commission on the trade, but everyone agrees to help him out. He can check the level out.
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