Season 1 Chapter 77: Li Yifeng
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This chapter opens with a description of the "fire of the buddha" , which is able to control the spread of the flames. The narrator is amazed at the power of the fire, and wonders if it can control Luo zheng. He wonders if she will be able to fight in the arena. He also wonders if the old man is going to fight with the girl, and he wonders if that is the girl that she is fighting for. The old man says that his abilities are not as strong as his brother's, and the battle is not yet decided. He says that he has to have a match in the "all crests competition" to prove that he is worthy of the title of Senior Brother. He asks his brother if he has forgotten his promise to call him by his name. He then asks if the girl is supposed to be "luo yan" at "purgatory mountain" . The elder brother says that if he must have a fight with Luozheng, then he should have a "match of swordsmanship" without using "inherent energy." He says if the two swordsmen only use their weapons, it will "be a fair match." He asks if they are planning to use "basic techniques" to defeat him. The older brother asks if he is using basic techniques against him, and if he will admit defeat. He thinks that the older brother is using his own grave to prepare for the battle.
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