Season 1 Chapter 75: Reunion of Brother and Sister
This is a locked chapterSeason 1 Chapter 75: Reunion of Brother and Sister
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The next morning, the elder Xu tells his son that his sister, Luoyan, cannot be taken out of purgatory mountain because she is still too weak. He tells her that she has to endure the pain of losing her sister before she is truly strong. The elder Xu then tells Luo zheng that he will take him to purgatory mountain to watch his brother's final fight. He explains that the inner circle of the Quingyun sect can earn points by watching the match, but the outer circle disciples have to pay them back. He says that he has some family background, so he will gather as much money as he can just to watch the match. He then asks if all of the disciples support pei tanyao in his final fight with Luozheng. Everyone agrees that it is a great match, and the barrier between the two has been reinforced
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