Season 2 Chapter 119: Obsession for Killing
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"Intangible obsession" , "palpable power" . This chapter is all about the power of obsession. It's all about killing the eastmost part of the central area of sky, ridge, and giant mountain. This is the area where the "Coitus of demons" formation takes place. The only way to get the "yin essence" from the three bodies of "singular yin" is to kill the "blood devil emperor." This is why the "devil emperor" has been saving his virginity for 30 years. If he can't get the third body, he's going to wait another 30 years to find the last one. He's already got "luo yan" already, he says, and he'll find the "last body" when the time is right. He feels a "trace of obsession" for killing people in the area. He wonders if there's still anyone who's willing to challenge him. He says that he killed "sword mountain" with the "malefic wheel" of death and life, which is the "strongest skill" of the blood devil emperor. Now he wonders how powerful it will be if he combines it with "some malefic aura." He'd better "step out now!" .
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