Season 2 Chapter 125: A Shopping Trip
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Now that everything is set up, it's time to draw the runes. The shop owner, Luo zheng, tells the young hero that he's going to practice drawing with the items on the list, but that he doesn't want to sell anything to the young man because they're all four-star items. The young man says that he has all the items he needs, but he needs some practice before he can draw properly. He's got the money to buy the materials himself, but the shop owner refuses to sell him anything. He says that the jade in Luo's hands is from the ancient clan of the phoenix, and the characters on the jade are written on it with the ancient phoenix's name written on them. He wants to know if the jade is the writings on the ancient jade, and if so, what the meaning is. He asks for a 30 percent discount on his purchase, and he wants the rest of the item to be written on the same piece of paper as well. Luo says that there are no descendants of the clan, so he can't help but ask him for help. He also says that if he has characters that he cannot read, he can ask for help, and that's all he can say. The two of them decide that they'll figure out a way to work this out.
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