Season 3 Chapter 461: Calling Names
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Luo zheng enters the hall. He asks if it's because of some conflict between the two lords. He's not sure, but he'd rather remain neutral. He says that he's the lord of the punishment of nocturnals, and that he has a suggestion. He suggests that they hand over their soul-preservation wood and let the soul of the other lord disintegrate. Luozheng says that's a good idea, because his kin is still recovering from a disaster, and his soul is in danger. He also says that killing his sister is like killing a lot of other world changers, because each time they open the prime period, they'll all die. If he hands over his soul, he'll be able to lend the nocturnals the power to him, and he doesn't care what makes him bold. He tells them that they're a bunch of b*tchs and that they should kill him. They can't believe that he would insult them like that. They pretend that they saw nothing, but they can only pretend that there's nothing to see. They say that if they ever get to the upper world, they won't insult them any more. They'll just shut up. They explain that their puppet is weaker than theirs because all of theirs are at the virtual disaster realm, while theirs is only at the spirit core realm, and they need to put their own soul inside the puppet so they can enter the cursed place. They just need to insert part of their
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