season 3 Chapter 668: Soaring Snake Sword
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After three breaths, the monk will appear behind him. He can see the future, and know any moves that he makes one step ahead of time. This is troublesome, he says, and looks like he has to do things differently. Just then, the sneak attack of hua-tianming again failed. This time, the image of the monk becomes more and more blurry. After ten breaths, it seems that the monk is performing an extremely powerful ability, killing him. The monk exclaims that the Buddhist way of life is a blazing sun, with myriad laws. The Buddhist monk says that the Buddha's legacy is not underestimated. In the way of Buddhism, the child of heaven is not a person, but rather a child of the heavens. In other words, the Buddha talks about the first three, the second three, and the fourth. Deng, the founder of the Buddhist temple of Lingyin, has already succeeded in breaking through the fourth Zen. The heavenly sword is the only weapon that can unlock chi's treasure. The Heavenly sword is widely spread throughout the world, but no one has succeeded in cultivating it. It is annoying. Even chi-you's sword is made an appearance, and it's too difficult to predict the future. The pillar of light, the noble, the dragon, is something he has never seen before.
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