Season 2 Chapter 338: The Final Battle
This is a locked chapterSeason 2 Chapter 338: The Final Battle
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After the battle, the two men return to the city of Caiqi. Caixin congratulates them on their victory, and tells them that a large sect of tianxies has been spotted 1,800 miles away from the city. He tells them to be careful the next day, as they will have to fight sooner or later, and Caixin says he will stay in the city to avenge the deaths of his family. He says that his kingdom will conquer all of the central area, and that those who follow him will prosper and those who resist him will be destroyed. He asks Caixin if he dares to fight him like a man, as he did the last time he ran away, and he says that he will do the same this time. He compares Caixin to the ancient one, orning yudie, and says that no one in the central region has ever obtained such a weapon
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