Season 6 Chapter 968: Attack the Forest
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Now that the Divine Realm is not crashing down anymore, it seems that it will be able to destroy everything in its path. So why does he need to help him? Well, he says, he wants to control the "diaphistic abyss" . He also wants to know why the li woman can't move on with Luo Xiao, since she already has children with him. He says that he's never broken his promise to them, and that they just happened to have the same side of the fence as him, and they need to be trained. He tells them to kill the whirlpool birds before they spit them out, slash them with the fireballs, and then give the antidotes to those who are still suffering from their condition. He adds that it's very difficult to deal with a whirlpool bird, since there are four more holy beasts that have to be killed before they can be considered a threat to the divine realm. He then tells them that they have to kill two of the senior disciples of Luo zheng, jingwuhuan, and yu roar, since they're the ones who are supposed to be on his side. He wants to warn them that he is on Luo's side, so they can dodge his attack. He asks if the primordial sword is the same thing that Luo uses, and if it is, he wonders if he can learn it.
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