Season 1 Chapter 36: Ghoul's Sacred Fire
This is a locked chapterSeason 1 Chapter 36: Ghoul's Sacred Fire
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The ling-tier demon tries to resist the poison of the east, but it's too strong. He's trapped in the black fog, and the ghoul has cast a barrier to keep him out. He can't even get out of the fog, because his body is absorbing the fog. He thinks maybe he can use the fire of the immortal ghoul to refine his body. The blood prison barrier is interesting, he says, because it doesn't just weaken his power; it also cuts off part of his fire. The kid that's been captured by the yun-luo is the same kid that was absorbed by the dark-iron kid. The demon thinks that the kid is human, and that he'll have to kill him to stop him from absorbing the sacred fire. He says that the only way they can stop him is to use their most powerful weapons.
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