Season 2 Chapter 164: Temper the Acupoints
This is a locked chapterSeason 2 Chapter 164: Temper the Acupoints
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In this chapter, we learn that the one guiding Luo yan's fate is his sister, and that she is the one who will ultimately decide his fate. In order to determine whether or not Luo can save his brother, we need to see if he can do so, and if so, what will happen to him. We learn that Luo's first step in cultivating his body is to "temper" it with the "pureest thunder and fire." This is the first step to cultivating his "innate energy" , and the second step is to cultivate his "somatic energy." In other words, Luo has mastered the art of refining his body, but he has yet to master "body cultivation," which is a branch of cultivating his innate energy. He explains that body cultivation is like cultivating an entire land; if he does not work hard enough, he will eventually become an "overlord" of the land. He tells us that he has completed the tempering of his acupoint three days ago, and he is ready to go to the martial arts tournament.
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