Season 1 Chapter 68: Wyvern Bone Spear
This is a locked chapterSeason 1 Chapter 68: Wyvern Bone Spear
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Luo zheng tells his brother that Lingyun is going to use her blood to increase her power. He tells her that if she moves again, he'll kill her. He doesn't want to kill her, he just wants her to surrender. He hopes that if he keeps fighting, he can help Lingyun. The round robin is over, and it looks like everyone is in the top five, including hua-tianming, luo-zheng, pei-tunyao, and wang-yun. .. they're fighting each other! They're finally going to face each other, and they don't have a chance to escape from it, says Luozheng. He wants to know why he didn't reject his offer to fight . He's not using his sword, he says, because he's in front of his absolute power, and if he does not use his sword now, he won't be able to get another chance. He thinks that . , . is trying to beat him with his own advantage, and he admits that he has been "a little immature" .
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