Season 3 Chapter 466: Difficult Position
This is a locked chapterSeason 3 Chapter 466: Difficult Position
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The teacher sighs and says that he is not sad. He tells the young man that if he misses the chance to marry Luozheng, it will be a shame. He also says that xi is smarter than him, and that if they had confessed all of their feelings earlier, the situation would not have been different. The young man says that although he is happy that he helped him out, he is afraid that he would be sad if xi were mad. He goes to investigate and finds that the ancestor dragon has given him a small pouch to hold his spirit beast. He asks if there is a special reason why the dragon likes xi so much. He says that if his last attack on xi injures her, he might be seriously injured. The teacher says that the spirit beast is stronger than xi, so he should not attack her. He apologizes, but he says that his strength is much better than hers. He scolds the little man for not listening to him.
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