Season 4 Chapter 654: Copycat
This is a locked chapterSeason 4 Chapter 654: Copycat
About This Chapter
In this chapter, we learn more about Chaos's origins and how he uses it to create the universe. He explains how he was able to create a "hole of Chaos" when he was at his peak, and then he came up with a new way to use Chaos energy. Chaos energy is stronger than natural energy, he explains, and chaos energy is the source of everything. Chaos is the basis of everything, he says, and if the universe were to be built with Chaos energy, it would become a real, living world. He thinks that this kid is using Chaos energy to manipulate the chaos in the universe, and he wonders if there is a sea of Chaos inside the kid. He says that he is able to generate Chaos energy because his body is a weapon.
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