Season 2 Chapter 190: Prepare for the Enemy
This is a locked chapterSeason 2 Chapter 190: Prepare for the Enemy
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Preparing for the enemy is the first order of business for the new master. He asks if he can build a protection formation to fend off Cui xie. If he can, then he can pay for all the resources and expenses. Second brother tells him that the tournament has ended. He challenges Luo zheng to a duel before he leaves. Senior brother says that anyone who does not have dragon blood inside them will be imprisoned in the upper world for 1,000 years. He says that in the past the World Commerce Union has sent people to the platform, but none have returned. He wonders why luozheng did not tell them about the trap. The new master asks if cloud hall has made an enemy. Greatdream says that it is a long story and that it actually happened like this. He thinks that the girl shouldnt have been made the master of the cloud hall.
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