Season 4 Chapter 710: Save Your Rival
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In the midst of the battle, Yudie realizes that he is about to be killed by the "death staff" of the ancient Shamans. He blames Luozheng for bringing them to the lower world, and he vows to kill anyone who tries to kill him. The cicada of the Deep Spring, the most famous insect in the ancient world, has been captured by the Shamans and processed into a very special form. If you are struck by the staff, it will enter you body and devour your life force. In this way, the true god can't save your life, and you will die. Yudie feels that the trees below have "withered" as a result of the cicada's attack. Fortunately, he has the "ace in the hole," the will of the world, which has made him immortal. He says that if he were him, he would not have blocked the attack for the Shaman, but that he has some qualities that he does not have. He owes the Shaman one more time.
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