Season 3 Chapter 406: Black Star Pickax
This is a locked chapterSeason 3 Chapter 406: Black Star Pickax
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In this chapter, we learn that every year, the god sea realms capture mineral eaters, who eat the leaves on the highest levels of the Tree of Knowledge. The minerals in the stomachs of the mineral eaters are not worth the effort of a god-sea realm cultivator, because they are too sharp to slice open a leaf. The god sea realm will lure the mineral-eaters to eat a hard mineral called "soul core," which is the most precious mineral in the kingdom of gods. The soul core can only be obtained at the 40th and above level, and the soul core cannot be obtained until the soul has matured to purple, which means that the soul will not be able to survive long enough to be consumed by humans. This means that even if a soul core is found in the tree, it will not last long enough for humans to consume it. Even if the soul is found, the rest of the tree will not have enough of it to keep the person alive. The 35th level leaf seems very high-quality, and three of the ten stars on the leaf are on top of it. The pickax that Luo zheng gave him is an "ultimate divine weapon" .
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