Season 4 Chapter 496: All Is in an Uproar
This is a locked chapterSeason 4 Chapter 496: All Is in an Uproar
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Another of the fragments returns, and this time it's the one with Luozheng's name on it. The narrator explains that he used the soul fragments to increase his experience in the world. He then absorbed the fragments and got their memories. He also took note of the luozheng fellow, who has both the world changer's fate and the fate of a "fateless one" . He doesn't know what to do with the other, but he does know that he's in a hurry. He asks the other to shut up, but they can't, because they don't really know who he is. He tells them that he can do nothing to them, but how many badges do they have ? He says that even he only has a hundred plus, and that he needs to keep counting to get to a thousand. He's bored, and he wants to get back to training. He wants to sing, but the other heavenlords won't let him sing. He says he'll sing a song to get revenge on them.
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