Season 4 Chapter 557: Riding Roughshod Over Everyone
This is a locked chapterSeason 4 Chapter 557: Riding Roughshod Over Everyone
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Even if you open the weapons workshop, it's not yet clear that you'll be able to make weapons with the materials in the workshop. The workshop is full of books about weapons, and the master is obsessed with making weapons. He'll leave the workshop to the master. The master wonders how long it will take him to hide from the lords of the underworld. He says that they can't let her do whatever she wants anymore, and that she must discuss the matter with them council of elders. The rift between the lords has been going on for a long time, and now that she's back, they don't want her to do anything anymore. They're not just training monkeys, they're actually trying to kill her. If she doesn't tell them the truth, the elders will impeach her. The lord of heaven shattered shadow, supports the lord of your majesty. He adds that there are four heavenly lords in the nocturnals, and they could seize another heavenly position. There's also another heavenly fate, which was in the afterlife of yin-luo world, where the two lords have been killing each other. If they go over there, they can kill two birds in one stone.
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