Season 6 Chapter 943: Incredible New Powers
This is a locked chapterSeason 6 Chapter 943: Incredible New Powers
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Now that the twelve swords have been given to you, it's time for you to practice the art of the sword. But you can only do so at "critical moments" . This is because the sword clan has been keeping the swords sealed away for so long that they've become "true gods" , meaning they're not evil. The insects are sleeping, and one of them has holes in its body, which means that it was probably eaten by the cicadas. The cicadas are more dangerous than other insects, but the members of the clan are able to protect themselves. They're only able to do this because of the "common miasma" of cicadas, which is why they can't attack them. This means that the cicada king will probably use this as an excuse to kill the Luo siblings. He's so fast and strong that he'll probably be able to kill them all in one go. They should be passing through this stage soon, but they haven't yet. A cicada king has just been born, and they'll have to fight through it. The speech of laws doesn't work, because a cicada king would have to "combine godhood with soul attack . . which means there'd be energy fluctuation ." They've already killed a bunch of people, but there's still time to save Yu Taibai's life.
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