Season 4 Chapter 517: Eye-Opening Experience
This is a locked chapterSeason 4 Chapter 517: Eye-Opening Experience
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In this chapter, we learn that the white sword projection has disappeared from the rock. This is because the sword projection was made by the will of the sword, which is the same as the sword's will in the poem. In other words, the sword is no longer a will, but a projection of a sword. This means that the rock has been transformed into a battlefield. The white sword is gone, and Luo zheng is now the new leader of the group. He tells the others that there is still one man from the sky palace who hasn't shown up yet. He says that he'll seal up the purification pool if the man doesn't arrive soon. He also says that the kid from the moon palace is trying to understand the poem, and that he might take a thousand years to reach the next stage. Luo says that if that is true, they'll never start the inheritance of torch's sword. The purification pool is supposed to help clear their minds for a short while, but it's not just for that. It's also supposed to test their abilities. The pool has dragon scales on each side, and each side has a set of rules on it. They push open the pool door to find out what the various rules are on the carving. They find out that the carving is made of four layers of metal, each with one set of rule. The four layers are represented by the four corners of the dragon scales. The fourth layer is represented by each of the six sides of the stone. The sixth layer has one rule on it, the seventh layer has two rules, and the eighth layer has three rules. The purpose of the pool is to test our abilities. If the event is already started, then there must be a way
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