Domestic Girlfriend

Chapter 266: The Return of Tanabe
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Back at the school, Tanaba is excited to see his old friend. He tells Tanaba that he's been waiting for him for a long time. Tanaba tells him that years ago, he got the scoop on the minister's affair from a reliable source. He says that the minister signed the agreement because he wanted to drive the "rot out of society" . That's what a journal is, he says. He's also excited to tell Tanaba about his new job as a writer for a weekly newspaper. The paper is going to publish a story about the relationship between the minister and his sister. They're stepiblings, and they've been living together since he was a student in high school. The girl was a teacher at his school, but he used to be the student's friend. The two of them started living together when he was in his early 20s. He drove her out of the school and made her a criminal. He used Tanaba to write for his book, which was a huge hit. The story is a front-page story, and Tanaba says he'll be working on it shortly. He asks Tanaba what kind of man is the minister, and he says that he actually had a hard time writing for two years because he was so close to him. He also says that if the minister is involved in publishing, he should avoid conduct that brings about disrepute in the profession.
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