Domestic Girlfriend

Chapter 230: Promise Me This
This is a locked chapterChapter 230: Promise Me This
About This Chapter
In this chapter, the audience is introduced to a number of characters who are introduced for the first time in the play. The first person introduced is a young man named Nemo, who has just returned from a trip to Europe. Nemo tells the audience that he is returning to Europe because he wants to be with his family. He asks Nemo to tell his parents about his trip, but Nemo says that he will not tell them because he does not want them to think that Nemo's trip was a mistake. Nemo asks Nemo if he would like a girl to be his future wife, and Nemo replies that he would love to have a girl as his wife. Nemo then tells Nemo that he has been drinking and breaking his leg at work, and that the boss picked him up after he had left the job. Nemo is surprised to learn that Nemo has been working extra shifts at the theater since the girl has been showing up, and he wonders if Nemo has made the girl happier than she was before. Nemo assures him that if anything happened to him, he would always come to him.
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