Domestic Girlfriend

Chapter 263: Marriage Announcement
This is a locked chapterChapter 263: Marriage Announcement
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This is the first time we've heard about the marriage between rui and Natsuo, and we're glad to hear that they're still together. The narrator introduces us to the book's author, who is also the narrator of this chapter. He's here to talk about his new book, which is due out in a few weeks. He tells us that he's surprised that his name is on the cover of the book, since he thought he'd given up on writing. But thanks to Togensensei's teaching, he says, his writing has returned to him. He adds that he doesn't have to appear in any kind of media to promote his book. The two of them are happy to be back together, since they've both graduated from college. They're also happy that rui has had a baby, since she's a step-sister of the narrator's. The chapter ends with the narrator promising to be the one to give advice in the future.
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