Domestic Girlfriend

Chapter 5: The Real You
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The real you, the one who doesn't answer the door, is in the middle of a conversation with a customer. He's late for work, but he's not the only one who's been late. The other customers are also late, but they're also the ones who've been waiting for him. They're the ones that have been waiting all day for him to open the door. He apologizes, but it's too late to do anything about it. He tells the customer to sit down and read until his shift is over. The customer asks him what's going on, and he tells him that he found his teacher crying the night before, and that she's just been having an affair with another man. He wants to slap her and kiss her on the lips if he wants to be "quick and simple." The customer says that's probably just jealousy, because he feels that someone else is around her. He also says that he'd like to ask someone else's advice about his wife's husband's abusive behavior, but that he can't find anyone to do so. He says that the other customers should leave that "scumbag" to talk to the owner of the shop, or the office worker who was with her mistress the day before, or even the housewife who came to see her husband. The woman who came is the wife, and the customer is shocked that her husband would do such a thing. He asks her if she has an affair, and she says that she does, but not with her lover. She also asks him where he got the news about his friend's affair, because she'd heard that it was true. She says that children don't set foot in adults' world, and
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