Domestic Girlfriend

Chapter 251: Your Thoughts
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The chapter opens with a conversation between the Governess and the Sous-Chef. The Governess complains that she is becoming more and more impatient with her life and wishes that she had told him the same thing. She tells the sous-chef that she wants to know why she is not coming to work. She says that she has been "abused of work" and "given of harassment" and that she does not know if she will ever be able to return to her job as a cook. The sous chef tells her that the customers have told him that he has lost his taste in food because he is always giving it his all. He says that he does not have to hide his feelings and that crying himself to sleep is not going to help him. He tells the other employees that he is being falsely accused of having sexual relations with a woman and that the women have no reason to resent him. The other employees tell him that they have heard him say bad things about her in front of them and that there is a cockroach in her food. He asks the other women why they have not spoken up against him and they tell him to prove it. The women decide that they should kidnap her and take her to their home.
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