Domestic Girlfriend

Chapter 102: About Juri
This is a locked chapterChapter 102: About Juri
About This Chapter
Back in the city, Juri is waiting outside his house for the police to come and talk to him. He's bummed that he didn't get the part he wanted in a play, but he's also bummed that his mom is still hanging out with her ex-boyfriend. Juri tells Juri's mom that he never gave up on his dreams, even though he failed every time he tried to get one. He also tells her that his old friend, who's now his best friend, is always cheering him on, even when Juri doesn't want to pay him any money for it. He says that he'll tell Juri that one day, when he comes to the theater to see a new play, his friend will be there to cheer him up, and Juri will be able to tell him that he gave up his dreams.
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