Domestic Girlfriend

Chapter 95: Lie
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The chapter opens with a soliloquy by the Governess, in which she laments the fact that she has been separated from her husband for so long. She laments that he has not changed much in his appearance, but that his "worrywart side" has not. The Governess tells her husband that one of her novels is to be made into a movie, and that the literature club has gone to see it. She tells him that she saw him going by in a car while she was watching the movie. She calls him a taxi and asks him to take her back to her house. He tells her that he is happy to see her again and that she supported his dream of becoming a novelist. He has won a literary award and has published a short story in a magazine. He says that if the tabloids had gotten wind of their affair, they would have had "a field day" by now. He adds that if he had not broken up with her, he would have returned to his hometown of Togeth, but he says that he will not return to the States until he has published his first story. He asks her if she would like to be the first to ask him about his feelings for a girl. She replies that she does not want to get involved in "getting all clingy" with her mother. She says that she is the one who "crawled up" to her. She asks him if he would like her to share the first question with her. He replies that he would think about that if they were to go first. She then asks him where he is, and he says he is still in town. He then asks her where she is and she says she is fine and that he looked like a "mess" earlier in the day. She gives him a hug and tells him to go back to his house.
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