Deadman's Undecember

Chapter 3, Act 3: The Thousand-Year Rhyme
This is a locked chapterChapter 3, Act 3: The Thousand-Year Rhyme
About This Chapter
In this chapter, the reader is taken back in time to the beginning of the novel. It begins with the narrator's rudeness. He asks the reader to excuse his rudeness by saying that he does not understand the contents of the scroll. The scroll is described as a turtle egg, and the narrator wonders if it is an insult from the past. He also wonders if the scroll is a diary. The narrator asks the sage where they are going. The sage tells him to go ask him. He tells the sage that he is going to read his diary out loud before a huge crowd. He apologizes for wetting the bed when he was a child. He says that he was the one that told sister about him wetting her bed back then. He is also curious about the scroll because he did not get to read the diary earlier. He reads the scroll and realizes that it is the same as the one he left behind. He wonders if they offended the sage in some way. He wants to know if they need money to get a doctor. He thinks that the main body of the turtle egg is still out in the forest somewhere. They have to get away from the forest and see if they can actually die of something like this. He can only wait for the next scroll.
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