Deadman's Undecember

Chapter 10, Act 10: The World in a Thousand Years
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Act 10 opens with a discussion of the fate of the little grey girl, who has died and is buried in another part of the country. Her brother, Eguo, wants to "end it all here" with "only four talismans" , but little grey wants to explore the world "beyond the mountains" . She is not dead yet, but her injuries are fatal, and she has lost the desire "to live" and should be buried elsewhere. He tells her that he will find someone to care for the orphaned children, and that he has left some money to help them. He says that he is sure that the missionaries will lend a hand, but that he himself will pay more if it is not enough. He also says that they will have a school there, and he thinks that if it werent for the magic of the three-eye, she would have been long dead, about the world and about all of the amazing things out there. He thinks that the preachers are preaching science, but he laughs at the thought that they are also preaching religion. He wonders if the missionaries are using this opportunity to spread religion, and laughs when he sees them preaching science. The train that will connect many cities will be the link between many villages, and with it, there will be no more isolated places like the Heishan village, he says. He adds that there are many things in the world that are more unbelievable than the undead, but it is only a small part of it. As long as he is alive, he thinks, he will see new things every year. He wants to get his brother to bury the "miracle medicine" that
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