Deadman's Undecember

Chapter 105, Act 65: Wanye - Everlasting Dreams (Part 1)
This is a locked chapterChapter 105, Act 65: Wanye - Everlasting Dreams (Part 1)
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The Governess enters above the ball and says that each ball represents an important moment in her life. If she can remember everything, she can help the school get more opportunities in the future. She says that the girl told her that if she woke up and remembered everything clearly, it would be a dream, but the Governess says that it's actually a dream because the dreams are related to "the Law of Cause and Effect." He says that even if he doesn't get the chance to do something, everything in his life is up to his decisions. He tells Little Xinglian to stop moving, or else he'll cut his d*ck. He also tells him to stop competing with the old geezer. He says he's old and needs to be taken care of. He has found the clue to the Fifth disciple's whereabouts, and he'd like to send the coordinates to him within two days. He's afraid that something will disappear, but he says that his urine has become yellow and that he has old injuries on his feet. He wants to be carried on his back. He asks the girl to take a picture of him.
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