Deadman's Undecember

Chapter 45, Act 31: Mingzi in Sanchuan (Part 2)
This is a locked chapterChapter 45, Act 31: Mingzi in Sanchuan (Part 2)
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Now that he's here, he decides to bury the talisman on a mountain where no one will ever go again. He wonders if he'll be able to change the name of the mountain from "Mount Nirvana" to "Mount Eden" . He also wonders if it's because of the "lycoris" flowers that grow around the mountain. He decides to put the word "reverb" on the stone talisman. When he first came to the mountain, he couldn't understand why the word came out of his pocket. Now, he realizes that the word is the same as the "stupid sage's" arrow symbol. He knows that the symbol is the "guiding mark" of the sage, but he also knows that it is also the same symbol as the stupid sage arrow symbol, pointing to the center of the school emblem. Finally, he leaves the three marks in the stone. He asks his little grey helper to help him "put an end" to all this. He's already done with it, he says, because the real masters are already dead. The sound of a landslide echoes through the mountains, and the sound of someone making a racket reminds him that the "wu mansion" is nearby. He realizes that he has to hurry, because his umbrella is about to break, and he
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