Deadman's Undecember

Chapter 8, Act 8: Millennium Power
This is a locked chapterChapter 8, Act 8: Millennium Power
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The monster tells the seekers that he heard someone try to escape the village, but he ended up killing his entire family. He tells them that they owe the villagers a debt of debt, but why are they paying for it when they owe him the debt of blood? The monster says that he can tell them apart at a glance, and that he planted them thousands of years ago as soon as he could move. He says that in the end, he still couldnt outlive them. He asks the seekers if they are helping the villagers, and they say that they are trying to save them. The seekers say that the villagers knew something was wrong with the family and that they must seek justice. The monster wants to know if the majority of the villagers are not deserving of death, and he says he will leave it to the seekers to decide if they deserve to die. He feels that if he were in the village chief's place, he would want to kill all the villagers.
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