Deadman's Undecember

Chapter 107, Act 65: Wanye - Everlasting Dreams (Part 3)
This is a locked chapterChapter 107, Act 65: Wanye - Everlasting Dreams (Part 3)
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This chapter opens with a flashback to the beginning of the previous chapter, in which a young man named "little xinglian" is being carried away by his spirit. The young man tells the narrator that he is dreaming of being able to rid himself of the virus, but his spirit must also return, otherwise he will die. The narrator compares this dream to the dream of entering magic, the work of the "first-generation" qianji pavilion, which is similar to the "dream entering magic" of the Silk Road. He tells the young man that the pavilion's interests are related to causing trouble, and that he does not want to cause trouble at all. He then tells the boy that the man is also injured at work and that it would be annoying if he did not save him. The boy tells him that this man is the last hope for the school of the sanzhen, and wishes that he would be more selfish and lived a "happy normal life" . He also says that he wishes he could be a little less selfish and live a normal life. He says that if possible, he would like to be able to live a happy, normal life, but he knows that he has to kill the man first. He explains that he killed the man because he didn't have time to react in time. He claims that he hasn't killed anyone before, and he doesn't think that makes him a murderer, since he's never killed anyone. He adds that he'd rather have the man's elixir hidden by his master, so that he won't need to kill him later. He thinks that killing the man will be a good idea, since the man has already stopped bleeding. He is relieved when he realizes that the undead is not the undead. He
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