Deadman's Undecember

Chapter 135, Act 80: Wayne's Nightmare Source (Part 1)
This is a locked chapterChapter 135, Act 80: Wayne's Nightmare Source (Part 1)
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The battle is still on, but it's not over yet. He's still got his "enhancement" bestowed on him by the gods, and he's going to use it to finish off all of the "bad guys" in this round of battle. He wants to burn this last bit of his life in order to accomplish this last bite. The water bubble wars are about to begin, and the first three people who can summon back their magic item will be the victors of this round. The magic items in the water bubble will shrink according to how much they're used, so there's no way that they won't be able to be summoned back. If they continue like this, they'll have to use all of their magic power, and then they will be "squeezed to death" if they aren't killed first. The only way to stop this is to throw the guy in the air.
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