Air Gear

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The wind is 352 miles per hour, and it stops just as the wind is about to blow. It's the same wind that stopped the wind in the fight with Sora Takeuchi. Sora takes the wind as a sign that he's stronger than the pig, and he uses it to his advantage. The wind stops the wind, and the wind stops Sora. He's so strong, in fact, that the wind doesn't even need to be there to stop him. He just needs to hit the wind so hard that it blows away. That's how he defeated Sora in the first place. He says that if he hadn't had sora's wind, he wouldn't have been able to defeat Sora so easily. He also says that he was able to do it because he was so far ahead of Sora that he didn't need to worry about where he was going to go. He asks the wind if it's time for him to celebrate his birthday. It turns out that it is. He and Sora first met a year ago, and they're celebrating the birthday of each other today. He tells her that he is a gravity child, and that he cares about the day he was built. He calls her a "whoosh happy birthday" , and she says that she's not sure what he means by that, but he does know that she was born on the day she and he first met. He adds that he thinks that she is the one who gave birth to them. He then says that this is the birthday that he and sora are celebrating today, because it is the same day that they first met one year ago. He compares it to the wind blowing away from a soul, and says that the sound is the sound of a soul that bursts into life. He goes on to
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