Air Gear

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The narrator returns to the house to find his pet, gazelle, in the middle of a fight. The narrator laments the fact that his pet has lost. He wonders how she could lose to such a gifted opponent, only to be saved by a penalty kick in the final moments. He laments that his plans had gone awry, and wonders how he could have planned such a thing as a game of "soccer." The narrator thanks the doctor for challenging the god of the universe to a fight, and remarks that he just saw "rika" for the very first time in some time. The two men share a delicious dinner, and the narrator wonders if it is better than he expected. He asks the doctor if he made a mistake in making the bird and the bee fly. The doctor replies that he did, and that the human race is incompetent when it tries to fly, as it smashes itself into the ground. He feels that he has found a way to "fold," and that he is the strongest man in the world. He notices that the smell of kaito is coming from the inside of his hair, which is growing out. The smell reminds him of his father, and he wonders if he is going to die.
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