Air Gear

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In this chapter, the Underground Man explains that he's tired of making bodies that can fly. He realizes that humans can't fly because they're not strong enough to fly. In fact, he says, it's because their hearts are so strong that they won't let go of each other. The Underground Man goes on to say that this is the biggest grudge match in the history of the gram-scale tournament, and he apologizes to his viewers for the "dud match" that it was. He also says that the whole thing is like sleeping in the forest. He's worried about what's going to happen to Sora when she gives birth to a baby. He says that she's too low to sink, and that's why they've been so slow. He compares her to a sleeping forest, and says that they should apologize for the sluggishness of the match. He then says that he wants to prove that the way of his beloved is true. He wants to show that his love for Sora is true, and not just a figment of his imagination. Sora dropped a "hardened mass" of air through the wall of his stone, and the vibrations of the wall blocked the air from him. He tells Sora that he was always spying on her, and if only he could have used his hand to feel her "tetanus" before she kicked the bucket. He calls her a "shot shot shot shot" and says he finally caught her, but that she is no longer on his level.
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