Air Gear

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This chapter opens with a message from the "holy and true" keeper, who tells us that he has a key that belongs to David, and that when he opens the door, he can't close it. The keeper says that the gear that's going to move in the coming days is going to be too heavy for them to pass through the wall, so they're going to have to use air gear to get through. He says that he's sorry that it's taken so long to find them, but he'll be back soon. He tells them that they'll have to do some more work in the future to keep up with the gear moving. He also says that they need to use the "link tuners" , the people who are supposed to keep track of the gear, to keep them connected to the sky. They're called "the lean road" . They need to get closer to the keeper, he says, and he says they can only do this by uniting themselves with the keeper. He adds that he doesn't mean only for the role of the link tuner, but that he is not only a link tuner. He's also a sensei , a person who connects people to the heavens. He explains that he was once a friend of his who told him that he could be the head coach of Kagasumaru, the company that runs the wall. He asks the keeper if he knows what's up, and the keeper says he heard that the previous keeper, Udolpho, was worried that the rider's skills had been slippin'. The coach says he'd better go back to the old keeper, because he has to go back tomorrow. He wants to
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