Air Gear

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About This Chapter
In this chapter, we learn that the stormriders are the enemy of the air, and that they're trying to catch them breaking some laws. The babyface is all, "I'll shake 'em all for you, babyface" . He's not the same babyface, he says, and so he's coming for you. He wants to know how you're going to become a sky keeper, and he wants to see you fight back. He asks if you want to fight with another keeper nearby, and you say no, and then he asks if he can bite him, too. He says he'd bite him too, too, if he had the chance. He compares the babyface to a frog stuck in a well, and says he curses everything he doesn't have. The reason you curse is that you've got no friends, no allies, no technique, no form, and no balance. You can't enjoy this like they can. The next day, buccha gets some minor back pains.
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