Air Gear

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In this chapter, we get a brief description of the battle between the humans and the wind-beasts. We learn that the windbeasts are "battling insane" from head to toe, while the humans are "batshit hanging insane" . We also learn that one of the men who attacked the humans was a "spetial harry" , which means that he was trying to kill the humans. The windbeast, on the other hand, is a "damn serious" man, and we learn that he is the leader of a group of eight "unknown keepers of regala" who have been living in the forest for thousands of years. This is the first time that we've heard of the "new sleeping forest" and we're not sure what it is, but we do know that the previous forest was "annihilated" by the wind. We're also told that trophaeum was the "very reason" why he founded the forest in the first place, and that someone "took it from" him. Now that we know what the new sleeping forest is, we can see that it's a team effort.
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