Air Gear

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About This Chapter
In this short scene, Volger continues his flight to the Marianas. He complains about the lack of communication and the fact that the region is being jammed with traffic. He laments that the younger generation has won the war and is now on their way to the place where they are supposed to be. Volger tells him that the aircraft carrier has been destroyed and that the sleeping forest has been left in the tower. He tells Volger that he would like to talk to him about the war, but that he is in the pilot seat. He asks Volger why he is there, and Volger replies that every grown man wants to be the pilot of a supersonic jet. He says that he wants to talk with Volger about a serious topic, and that he only hopes to finish before they arrive at the destination. He gives Volger a lunchbox and a spare uniform, and asks him to squeeze his hand so that it doesn't get pinched.
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