Chapter 94: Chasing a Shadow
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In this short scene, we learn that the old lady is still alive, but she's not sure what to do with herself. She's depressed because she doesn't know if the old man is alive or dead. The old lady tells us that she is a ghost from the past, and that she was about to die when she was crushed by the "twist in time" . She says that even if she were immortal, she wouldn't be able to live through the "last day on earth" , because the sun is going to expand and swallow up the earth. She also says that if the sun expands, everything in the universe will be destroyed, including mankind. She adds that she won't commit suicide with humanity, because that's the only thing that will keep her alive. This is the first time she has ever thought about the fact that the sun will expand, and it's going to destroy everything in its path, including humanity. She thinks that the idea of living through the sun's expansion makes her feel better, and she says that she believes in the old woman, even though she'll be dead by the time she dies.
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