Chapter 34: Return of the Creepy Assassin!
This is a locked chapterChapter 34: Return of the Creepy Assassin!
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Back in the slums, Hirokazu finds himself in the middle of a fight. He's about to kill a kid when he realizes that he's the one who killed the kid. He runs to Hiroko and tells him that he killed a kid without thinking. He tells Hiroko to come back to the police station and tell them what happened. He also tells them that the kid was killed while they were putting out a fire. Everyone got away, including Hiroko. He thinks that Hiroko is a robot and that the girl he killed is an immortal monster. Hiroko says that he shot a beam from his eye and that it was a standard battle feature from what he heard. He says that the guy that was killed was really skilled at fighting and that he blew him a lot more than he did the little guy. He asks Hiroko if he has time to kill the kid before he leaves.
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